Logisnext Solutions is a reliable partner in providing tailor-made material handling solutions specifically designed for your process needs. Over 70 years of experience in delivering world-class logistic solutions across a wide range of industries enabled us to understand the challenges of each and develop solutions with your specific process in mind.

Proven technology and intelligent systems form a comprehensive solution that is flexible, reliable, and easily adaptable to your needs. In the world of different logistic demands and ever-changing needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our priority is to ensure that your operations are running in the most optimal and efficient way, today and tomorrow.

We stand by you during the whole process. Starting with consulting you through every stage, designing an ideal solution for your process needs and making sure that your operations run smoothly 24/7, we provide you with our professional support during the whole solution life cycle. Global Mitsubishi Logisnext network provides local support wherever you are.

This way you can keep your focus on running the business and staying competitive – let our solution run the intralogistics.

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  • Increased flexibility of your processes for faster response to ever-changing customer requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership while ensuring the highest level of production quality
  • Adaptability and scalability of solutions for future-proof operations
Paper & Packaging

Paper & Packaging

  • More sustainable processes through reduced energy consumption and extended lifespan of the solution
  • Reduced damage and increased safety enabled by the predictability of operations
  • Maximized efficiency of operations thanks to optimized warehouse design, just-in-time shipments, and reduced total cost of ownership


  • Decreased costs enabled through lean handling of the key material flows
  • Increased productivity through added transport capabilities and implementation of best practices
  • Optimized process with advanced technology and performance monitoring


  • Continuous material flow process and traceability
  • Optimal efficiency enabled by customized solutions to fit existing process needs
  • Reduced costs through optimized processes and maximized labour efficiency