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Local History of Operation

Our facility is located in Mölnlycke, a town close to Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast. The factory was built in 1972, after the company grew out of its much smaller facilities and needed a manufacturing area with more functional workspace.

Our Origins

Since then, the factory and adjoining office have been built out even further to allow for increased capacity.  In more recent years, major investments have been made primarily in the production line and with automatic welding robots.

For a long time we have been making improvements and investments to allow us to keep our competitive production in Sweden, and even to bring home production of parts once manufactured by suppliers around Europe. All of this helps us to reduce lead times and secure high quality in everything we do.


Our first real production facility was at a mechanical workshop in Kode, north of Gothenburg.


The company outgrew the small workshop in Kode and moved into a larger facility in Kållered.


The Kållered facility became too small, and the company moved to a purpose-built factory in Mölnlycke, where we are today.

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