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Employees and third parties providing services to our group may be the first to notice possible incidents of suspected fraud, corruption and other serious infringements of regulations. MLE offers its employees and any other person which provides, has provided or will provide MLE with services the possibility to report concerns regarding these matters.

For any cases of suspected or presumed incidents, the following internal reporting lines are available:

  1. MLE Internal reporting. The matter may be reported to any manager holding a higher position within MLE’s hierarchy. If needed, the manager may then report the matter to the Director Internal Control and Compliance and to the Director Legal (with agreement of the reporter).
  2. The Whistleblowing Hotline (the “Hotline”). Parties can report breaches through MLE’s Hotline. The Hotline is offered through a platform called Navex. It enables employees to file their whistleblowing reports and to follow up on the progress of the report. This platform allows for reporting in multiple languages. It also enables reporters to monitor the progress of the report made and for communication between the reporter and the Whistleblowing Committee (even if report is made anonymously).

Telephone numbers are as follows:


0800 79 570


80 83 02 75


0800 415791


0 800 99 02 98


0800 1820800


0800 0235312


800 18 921


900 876 131


020-088 02 26

United Kingdom &
Northern Ireland

0800 249 4583


  1. Physical meeting. Upon request, a report can also be made during a physical meeting. In such case, the reporter may report the matter directly to a member of the Whistleblowing Committee.

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