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Philosophy: What we stand for

At MLE, our philosophy comprises four key elements: user experience, globality, intelligent solutions, and sustainability.


User Experience

Our customers are integral to our development process.

With their input and testing, we are able to streamline and enhance our solutions and product development ensuring the design truly meets the needs of our customers. Optimising user experience is at the core of all our R&D activities; we are consistently improving our responsiveness to market demands as we deliver products and services that excel in terms of ergonomics, safety and productivity whilst reducing their energy consumption and Total Cost of Operation (TCO).

Global network

MLE epitomises the concept of ‘Glocal’ – global + local – we’re an international organisation that offers local, customer-centric delivery. Our system of connections between manufacturing plants and local partners allows us to offer each region the best product mix.

Being close to our customers also means having a presence in the market. We do achieve this through our local business units that span nine countries, and via our extensive network of independent dealers across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and CIS. 

We work with manufacturing plants worldwide and use our combined size, strength, and expertise to provide the right material handling solution for the needs of any customer, no matter where they are in the world.

Intelligent solutions

Our aim is to offer practical and intelligent solutions that make a real difference in our customers’ daily work and long-term operations.

We achieve this with our distinct brand propositions backed up by their extensive direct sales and dealer networks. We are consistently improving our responsiveness to market demands, which enables us to meticulously and effectively deliver customer solutions that centre around ergonomics, optimal automation and intelligent software systems.


We care for our planet and people.

Our solutions, both in terms of our products and manufacturing processes, demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our group manufacturing plants are ISO 140001 compliant – which means that our processes such as supply transport, manufacturing, distribution of goods and employees' well-being are monitored with care and compassion. We contribute to the preservation of the global environment through innovative solutions that improve energy consumption levels, working to reduce carbon emissions.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of logistics and material handling solutions, paving the way for a more people-centric, efficiency-driven, sustainable future.

In The Not-Too-Distant Future

We are set to achieve the status of being the leading provider of innovative logistics and material handling solutions by:

  • Extending the market coverage of our products and services by creating a stronger network of subsidiaries and dealers.
  • Having a centralised headquarters approach to take advantage of synergies in Manufacturing, Product Development and Logistics functions.
  • Developing further our Solutions and AGV businesses. We are determined to streamline processes and increase service levels to the dealer communities in each channel, whilst making use of internal synergies to become a more competitive supplier.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of logistics and material handling solutions, paving the way for a more people-centric, efficiency-driven, sustainable future.

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