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Life cycle Care

At Logisnext Solutions, we support you throughout your life cycle with best-in-class expertise, giving you confidence in the knowledge that you’re working with a reliable partner.


We maintain and optimise your solution performance by offering customised service plans to suit your needs.

This way, your solution’s optimal performance and uptime are guaranteed, and you will see benefits such as maintenance savings, total operational efficiency, and freed-up working capital from the maintenance process. With our expert life cycle care, you can keep your focus on running your business and staying competitive.

We stand by you during the whole process. Consulting you through every stage, from auditing and designing ideal solutions for your process requirements to providing exceptional 24/7 professional support.

Services Portfolio

We offer a wide range of full services for new and existing solutions:

Full Service for New or Existing Solutions

Comprehensive Maintenance Audit Analysis and Continuous Development Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and Modernisation Software Updates
Logistics Personnel Training Programme Spare parts​ and Onsite consignment​ inventories​ Certifications and Regulatory​ periodical checks​ 24/7 HelpDesk and Email Support


How Full Service Ensures High Availability

Increased mean time between failures:

  • Risk and criticality assessment recognises priorities for maintenance and spare part logistics
  • Based on industry best practices

Reduced diagnostics downtime:

  • Remote support helps onsite maintenance in resolution
  • Remote diagnostics saves onsite visits
  • Quick escalation to expert onsite support 

Increased spare part availability:

  • Reduced logistics delay with spare part kits and recommendations
  • Consignment inventory for environments requiring high availability

Short maintenance response time:

  • Short onsite expert response times for full-service customers
  • Short time to fix through the effective maintenance process

Our Global Reach, Presence and Coverage

As a group company, our operations are backed up by Mitsubishi Logisnext which is part of  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Our delivery and support are at your service around the clock. We provide comprehensive care tailored for uncompromised customer process support, coordination by the continental business hubs based on productised solutions, and a local team at your service – wherever you are ​in the world.

Overseas Group Companies

33 locations in 17 countries

Our direct and indirect network offers trusted, tailored and valuable advice, solutions and delivery services that make the best out of your business. logisnext-global

Global Sales Locations

Over 100 Countries

Our solutions span Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and Africa, and through our sister company, MLA, we also cover North, Central, and South America. We integrate the expertise and resources of our different organisations to maximise our customer’s satisfaction, no matter the location.

With the support of hundreds of partners, we can deliver a whole package of services and solutions from preventive and maintenance packages to training programs, after-sales support, safety inspection services or local modifications by factory-trained service engineers, only to name a few. We have the products, the services and the solutions that our customers need.

Learn more about our Full Lifecycle Services Portfolio