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Project Delivery

Timely, professional and with tested processes, our delivery is the perfectly predictable, efficient and trusted solution for your material handling operations.


At Logisnext Solutions, we have four key project phases:

Solution Sales, Design and Delivery, Commissioning, and Production. 

Delivery Project Phases: An Overview

Phase One:
Solution Sales
Phase Two:
Design & Delivery
Phase Three: Commissioning Phase Four: Production
  • Requirements gathering

  • Scope and schedule

  • Commercial discussions

  • System and vehicle design

  • Assembly and Testing

  • Shipping to the site

  • System installation

  • Commissioning

  • Vehicles transferring to production use

  • System in production use


Phase One: Solution Sales

During Phase One, we will begin discussions with the customer, going through their logistics needs and offering a presentation of our bespoke solutions.

We will gather customer requirements, define the scope of the project and meticulously draft the Solution and its initial target schedule. We will then prepare a Technical Specification draft and corresponding Commercial proposal to meet the customer requirements both for Solution Delivery and After-Sales Services. In a thorough negotiation process, we ensure that both parties have a joint understanding of the technical and commercial scope, targeting the signature of the Delivery and Services agreements to complete the Solution Sales phase.

As a customer, we would ask you to share the targets and objectives of the automation investment, along with your scope and schedule, and to provide a ​description of your processes and the layout of your warehouse operations.

Phase Two: Design and Delivery

The Project Manager will take over the coordination responsibilities at the start of the Design and Delivery phase.

With our 40 years of experience in delivering projects, we organise a thorough kick-off with the customer to ensure that all the details ensuring smooth and timely delivery are agreed upon. With the key questions answered, we begin the design and delivery of the project, wherein we address the vehicle’s system design, and vehicle assembly, and conduct third-party material sourcing. 

If part of the scope, we delve also into Warehouse Management System (WMS) design, programming and simulation, which enables us to carry out vehicle testing and adjustment. Once this is complete, the customer is highly welcome to supervise the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), getting the first glimpse of the new fleet in action in our testing facilities. After successful FAT, we are ready to ship the equipment to the customer’s location and start the on-site activities. 

As a customer, we will ask you to prepare the IT environment for testing the connection interfaces and prepare to test the intended functionalities first remotely. This phase is crucial as it ensures that we can detect any possible issues before the team arrives at the site, facilitating a timely delivery. In the same fashion, the project manager will instruct your team to prepare the facility to be ready for installation and commissioning.

Phase Three: Commissioning

At the commissioning phase, the MLE team will arrive to install AGV system components in the facility, prepare the site​, prepare the vehicles​ and then commission the vehicles and the complete layout, testing all locations and functionalities.

Once the necessary testing phase has been completed, the production is typically ramped up in phases, the warranty period is started and the customer starts to gain value from the solution. 

Our team is highly experienced in the startup of the solution, and our priority is always to complete the commissioning with minimal disturbance to the customer production. 

Our Project Manager will then organise the Project Closing Review (PCR) once the project scope has been delivered and we will check that the project scope has been delivered​ accurately, the Solution is meeting the initial target criteria agreed in the delivery agreement and that the after-sales setup is agreed upon as per customer request. 

As a customer, you will be expected to support our onsite team by providing circumstances for the commissioning work; making operators available for training and production ramp-up; organising maintenance for the vehicles taken in production use​ and attending the PCR.

Phase Four: Production

Phase Four sees the transfer of the title/ownership​ of the vehicle/s.

Here, we will provide support and services to the customer based on the Services agreement during production to keep the system in perfect operational condition. We will expect the customer to organise maintenance for the system​ and, of course, enjoy the benefits of the automation solution!​

Fundamental Success Factors​ of Our Projects

A Clear and Agreed-Upon Scope Mutual Contribution to the Execution Fairplay
Scope changes made in mutual agreement Open communication, participation in the execution, commitment to the schedule​ Issues are resolved fairly with the goal in mind when unexpected things happen​


Key Responsibilities Throughout the Four Phases of Production

Our Sales process involves a Project Agreement which defines the scope and deliverables of the project.

To secure long-term support and commitment to the customer, our Services department takes care of all warranty and maintenance issues, during the project and over the whole lifecycle of the system (it should be noted that these topics are not handled by the Project team).​

We will assign a Project Manager to lead the execution of the project soon after the project agreement has been signed.​ The Project Manager is responsible for delivering the project scope on time and is the primary contact point in all project-related matters.​ The Project Manager’s responsibility is limited to the execution of the project and delivery of the project scope from the nomination to the project closing.​

In case of uncertainty, the Project Manager is happy to assist in determining topics belonging to the project scope and finding the correct contact person within MLE to handle any other topics​

To ensure the successful completion of the project, any topics not belonging to the scope of the project must not delay the execution or closing of the delivery project.​

As pioneers of automation with over 40 years of experience in automated logistic solutions, we design and deliver high-quality solutions to customers all over the world. Since 1983, we have delivered thousands of projects and vehicles, 75% of which are still in active use.

Our direct and indirect network offers trusted, tailored and valuable advice, solutions and delivery services that make the best out of your business. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in our project delivery services.

Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in our project delivery services.

Our direct and indirect network offers trusted, tailored and valuable advice, solutions and delivery services that make the best out of your business.