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Supply Chain Operations



Supply Chain Operations is responsible for new product development and manufacturing operations within the area of the MLE Group.
The operations consist of a development centre, three manufacturing sites (Finland, Sweden and Spain) and a Logistic Solutions unit. 

At MLE Oy, we perform operations of Research & Development (R&D), Manufacturing Operations, Logistic Solutions, and Support Functions. 

Research & Development (R&D)

From intelligent hardware products to software and digital systems and applications, our in-house research and development organisation is responsible for the design and engineering of logistic solutions.

Our ambition is to create best-in-class customer experiences and seamlessly integrate digital and mechanical solutions, exploiting cutting-edge technologies. As the European Design Centre of Mitsubishi Logisnext Group, we are responsible for the independent development of an extensive portfolio of product and solution concepts that can be used globally.

Continuous innovation, user-friendly design and a customer-driven approach form the basis of our operations and products that have gained prestigious awards and are widely recognised around the world.

Manufacturing Operations

Our manufacturing, sourcing and logistics operations are responsible for bringing the developed solutions alive and ready for our customers.

At MLE Oy, we know the importance of safety and efficiency within our manufacturing operations. We prioritise security and wellbeing without compromising on productivity, and we actively coordinate with our sister plants in Spain, Sweden and outside Europe.

Whilst our supplier base is spread globally, it’s centrally managed and developed by our sourcing organisation. We actively cultivate new ways of working and integrate new digital tools and intelligent applications into our standard processes with an intention to implement leading supply chain operations.

Production digitalisation combined with a strong lean manufacturing philosophy forms the foundation of our continuous development programme which draws from Smart Factory and industry 4.0 concepts. By combining lean culture and digital tools, we are on the prosperous path to attaining tangible improvements in production lead times, capacity utilisation, flexibility in working and ever-enhanced quality management.

Logistic Solutions

Logisnext Solutions provides full logistic solutions and services to our customers and partners in cooperation with the local business units.

It covers a wide range of material handling solutions and services, including Rocla AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), MLE family forklifts & warehouse equipment, as well as other third-party solution components, and consultancy services.

We design and manufacture Rocla Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and related systems and services. AGVs are automatic intra-logistics solutions used for the transport and warehousing of goods in logistics centres, warehouses and factories. Our Automated Guided Vehicles are a safe, sustainable solution that supports environmental values with recyclable parts, emitting zero harmful emissions and offering a very low noise level.

With over 30 years of experience in automated logistic solutions, we are undisputed pioneers of automation. Our AGV systems are fully designed, manufactured and delivered from Finland to our customers all over the world.

Our advanced technology, industry knowledge and extensive automation expertise make us a well-established, globally-established provider that’s recognised across a multitude of industries.

From engineering, manufacturing and commissioning to service support and maintenance, we make it our goal to remain close to our customers and in that way we ensure responsibility and consistency across the full life cycle of the system.

Our long-term focus on seamless integration of software and hardware solutions is distinctly materialised in automated systems and provides endless challenges and opportunities for further growth and development.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy
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